Coloring Book

I have loved coloring ever since I was a child and it helps me a lot to concentrate and get into the flow. The idea for this book came one morning while I was only half awake – why not combine the magic of coloring with real magick? I tried it with these mandala like patterns and loved the results from my spells. So I created this book and I hope you enjoy some art witching, too!

This book contains 36 pages with a mandala style pattern in the background and one of six different circle-designs. Each page is printed on one side, with a blank back, so you can cut them out! For making a spell work you select a page, place your spell in the circle and start coloring while focusing on your intention. There is a more detailed instruction at the beginning of the book! Also included is a short overview of magickal color correspondences to get you started easily. Available on Amazon!

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