do I believe in magic?

Very often I get asked this question. And sometimes I am quite tempted to give a snippy answer. But I bite my tongue or take a deep breath and more often than not answer with a simple yes. Because without believing in my eyes there would be no magic. I have experienced magic, have seen how it works – or sometimes does the complete opposite –  and its effect, but the ground for this has always been believing in it the first place.

Maybe believe is the wrong word. I trust in it. I trust in the magic that is all around is, in every living thing and that we are all connected to each other. And from this trust comes a deep respect for everyone and everything. And what I do believe is that this is a core value that is shared throughout the world! Trust and respect is something we should all cultivate, no matter what our believes are.

Magic and witchcraft is my way to work with these values – yours might be different. But who cares? We are all connected, no matter if we pray to a certain god or gods or goddesses or where we come from. And that’s something we should never forget.

Merry meet,


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