Spray, Essential Oils, Fortuna

Goddess Fortuna Spray with Essential Oils

I am a Patreon of the lovely Jessica Starr/The Story Witch and her fantastic Full Moon Circle – check out her offerings here! At the beginning of each month she draws a goddess for the circle to work with her for the following weeks. For May it was the Roman goddess Fortuna. As an offering to her I decided to create a spray which I could use in the mornings and evenings on her part of my altar.

If you want to use this spray, please create your sacred space as it is appropriate to you. I am not giving instructions for this as I find this step highly personal! Depending on what if any deities you work with, where you can work on your craft etc. You know your way best!

I also don‘t tell you which essential oils are the best. One reason is that I am located in Germany and most of the oils I use won‘t be available somewhere else. The other reason is that I don’t belong to any essential oil marketing network, so I don’t sell them. For me the most important thing about essential oils is that they are organic and pure.

The spray contains the following ingredients for a 10ml (0,33 oz) spray bottle – I used a small bottle as this is only for a month, but please feel free to make a bigger amount!

2 drops of Peppermint essential oil
Peppermint of all kinds brings really fast luck, so this works as an amplifier. It also clears negative energies, supports positive thinking and healing.

2 drops of vanilla essential oil
Vanilla is often associated with Venus and stands for calmness, personal empowerment, love rituals and good luck.

2 drops of coriander seed essential oil
Coriander is used to relax and calm the nerves, it also dispels negative energies. The seeds are also to believed to bring luck in three different ways: they are supposed to help find new love, to bring fidelity into any relation and work against all kind of illness.

2 drops of benzoin essential oil
Benzoin brings peace of mind and good luck.

2 drops of bergamot essential oil
Bergamt stands for success that can lead to prosperity, it is also excellent for strength and protection.

1-2 mini clear quartz
I added these for amplifying my intentions.

Gold flakes (optional)
I always associated Fortuna with the color gold, so I added some gold flakes, after I took the picture. Please don’t use gold powder or gold dust, as this will clog up your spray bottle!

Distilled water to fill up

Let the essential oils drop into the spray bottle. Add the rock crystals and fill the bottle wit the distilled water. Carefully add the gold flakes, if you have any. Shake it up and add your intention.

Spray, Essential Oils
The spray with the added gold flakes

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