Indigo Water

I was looking for something to protect my home from negative energies when I found this wonderful recipe of Indigo Water by Witch Please on Youtube ( I love the Youtube channel of Odin the Seer as he has wonderful spells and witchy DIY projects, while being funny, quirky and enlightening at the same time. 

I used his recipe but changed the ingredients slightly to be more „art witchy“. And I use it weekly, most of the times after vacuuming our home as it feels already cleansed anyway. Who would have thought that one day I would find vacuuming as an enjoyable and spiritual practice? 😉

Instead of the spring water used by Odin I used distilled water, simply because I had it available. The anil I substituted with liquid water color which gave this really intense blue you can see in the picture. For my first batch I used crunched egg shells from boiled eggs, but they weren’t fine enough so for the next one I got my self eggshell powder from the local pet store. 

I already use soap nuts for my washing, so this was an easy one. I didn’t have camphor tablets, but I found camphor powder for smudging at our local gemstone store. Now I love adding the powder if I do any smudging, so this was a win-win. 

I filled in a small spray bottle with the indigo water for easier use and both bottle have their place on my altar. Watch the video by Odin and create your own version!

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