Spell Books

Being an art witch I created this spell book for all witches, Wiccans, pagans and everyone else on the magickal path. On the first page you will find a bookplate where you could also add a protection sigil or spell to protect your spellwork. This is followed by three spacious pages for your list of spells, where you can also note down the type and the date of the spell.
There is room for 36 spells in this book, 2 pages for each spell. On the left hand side you can write down the date, the moon phase, your intention, magickal tools and ingredients needed, how to perform the spell and the outcome and effects. The right hand side leaves enough room for additional notes.
The basic layout is the same for all 36 spells. I added 6 different designs in turn for each spell page: moon and stars, alchemical symbols, black cats, florals, bottles & wand and moon and sun lines.
As with all of my books they are available on Amazon.

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